Thank You!

Thank you very much for your donation!

Although the Sailing Team continually ranks at or near the top of the sailing rankings year in and year out, the Team operates on one of the smallest budgets compared to its peers. We are proud of our fiscal efficiency, but it still requires a certain level of funds. Think of the costs involved in fielding a strong sailing team and you’ll realize how every bit of support helps. There are facilities costs, and you can imagine the cost associated with running an adequate training facility along the water. There are transportation costs – since the USC Main Campus is not adjacent to the water, team members must be transported to the sailing facility each practice day; additionally, there is travel up and down the West Coast, trailering boats to regattas, or flying across country to compete in national level events. And there are the costs of the fleet of racing boats themselves, sails, upkeep, coaching and support, and the list goes on. Every bit of support the Varsity Sailing Team receives from donors like you is critical to the team’s existence and success, so please consider giving today.

  • Your support is the means that allows the Sailing Team to exist day in and day out and it allows them to compete successfully at the highest level of the sport.
  • Your support can go beyond purely monetary support. We have need for in-kind products that can be used in the program, and time from volunteers.
  • The donation of significant assets, especially vehicles such as SUV’s, is especially welcome since these can be used to transport sailors and tow boats to regattas. The donation of other significant assets such as cars, boats, even marketable securities, is extremely helpful since these can be turned into cash to support the Team’s operations.
  • The Team has an established endowment fund that provides continuing support year after year. Would you consider a significant contribution to this fund or including the Team in your estate planning?
  • Naming opportunities exist for significant contributions. Please contact Mike Segerblom at 562-433-4939 about opportunities available.
  • Your contributions to the Team are tax deductible.