Mike Segerblom Head Coach Program Director

MIKE SEGERBLOM: Head Coach and Program Director Mike Segerblom has a long history with USC and collegiate sailing. A graduate of the Entrepreneur Program in the USC School of Business Administration in 1986, he was also a Collegiate All-American in Sailing at USC in 1985 and Captain of the Sailing Team. While in school, he held several offices in the PCCSC including serving as President. He was the Head Sailing Coach for Orange Coast College, prior to becoming the Head Coach and Program Director for the USC Varsity Sailing Team.

Mike’s current involvement in intercollegiate sailing is extensive. He is one of the lead graduate officers of the PCCSC (“Pac 12 of college sailing”) and serves on the Board of Directors, the All-American Committee, and is Chair of the Communications Committee (Internet Coordinator) for the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America (ICSA). In 2009 he was inducted to the ICSA Hall of Fame for Outstanding Service-Professional.

In 1992, Mike became the Executive Director of the Pacific Coast Sailing Foundation and the United States Sailing Center Long Beach. In addition to being the home of the USC Varsity Sailing Team, the Center is also the host of many sailing programs and races held under the auspices of US SAILING, SCYYRA, ICSA, ISSA, PCISA and PCIYRA. Mike combines his love for sailing with his organizational and business skills to coordinate sailing programs on many age and ability levels.

Mike has raced internationally and nationally on big boats and dinghies with notable results including 1986 North American International Snipe Class Champion, 1987 International Winter Circuit Snipe Champion, 1984 470 Olympic Class National Champion (Crew) and 5th in the 1984 Olympic Trials in the 470 Class (Crew).

Mike has been a US SAILING Certified Judge since 1988 and served as Regatta Chairman and PRO for numerous international, national, regional and local events, including the 1992 Youth Championships, 1995 Collegiate Dinghy Nationals, 1998 College Single-handed Nationals, 2000 High School Dinghy Nationals, 2004 CFJ Class Championships. He also is a co-founder of the USA & Japan Intercollegiate Goodwill Regatta.

He brings his love of sailing with his involvement in a broad array of organizations as a Board Member of SCYYRA, the Alamitos Bay Fleet, Regional Director for the PCISA and ICSA Liaison to the ISSA. He has served as Vice President of the CFJ Class for a number of years and currently serves on several US SAILING committees. Additionally, he founded Performance Sailing International (also known as ISP West) in 1984, a retail/mail-order company geared to performance dinghy sailors that also built boats (Sabots, Snipes and CFJ’s) and produced performance racing spars (Proctor).

Mike is married to wife, Mette and they have 3 boys. The entire family loves sailing as well as skiing (both snow and water), soccer, basketball and coastal cruising.