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USC Qualifies for ICSA Semi-Finals

Mike Segerblom

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April 11, 2011
This past weekend 11 other colleges and 22 high schools traveled to the home waters of the Trojans to compete in their respective Pacific Coast Championships.  The Trojans had the duty of competing and running the 2 regattas that consisted of 34 boats.  After a quick postponement to let the wind settle racing got off to a good start with the Trojans winning the first in each division.  As the regatta continued the scores remained very tight with as little as 10 points separating 3rd through 6th places.  We were right in the thick of the battle for the fourth place and final qualifying spot.  We went into day 2 tied for third place and as the regatta continued we got off to a bit of a slower start and slipped to fourth place just in front of CMA, UCI, and Hawaii.  We had a 10 point lead going into the final set and ending up using 9 points of the cushion to maintain our fourth place standing and finish just one point in front of CMA.  This was a great team effort by those sailing as well as assisting in hosting the event.  Stephen Lue, Brock Kraebel, Kelsey Rupp, Erik Samuels, Mallory Schluter, Max Hutcheson, and Maggie Nolting all sailed and gave regatta support while on land.  Meanwhile Danny Kivlovitz, Jack Stein, Peggy Bobbin, and Alessandro Sassoon rendered support to the event.  The event was a success on and off the water thanks to everyone’s efforts.