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Trojans finish 2nd and 1st at South 1/2

Mike Segerblom

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The team travelled South to San Diego for the Jeff Simon Memorial Regatta, which serves as days one and two of the South Series. Twenty teams were on the water; USC had two full teams, and another sailing in just the A Division, getting the entire team out on the water. 


On Saturday the teams of Max Hutchenson/Alexis Tarajikan (USC 1), Kelsey Rupp/Carina Prynn  (USC 2) and Alessandro Marazzzi Sasson/Danny Kivlovitz sailed in A Division.  In B Division, the Trojans were represented by Mallory Schluter/Olivia Gebelien (USC 1) and Erik Samuels/Peggy Bobbin (USC 2). These scores combined to have USC 1 placing second behind the UCSB Gauchos, USC 2 placing fifth, and USC 3 fourteenth out of the twenty teams.


On Sunday, the teams were switched up with Max Hutchenson/Carina Prynn sailing A Divison and Kelsey Rupp/Alexis Tarajikan sailing B Division for USC 1, while Mallory Schluter/Peggy Bobbin were in A and Erik Samuels/Alessandro Sasson were in B for USC 2, and Danny Kivlovitz/Olivia Gebelien sailed A for USC 3.  The day got off to a great start with the three USC teams in A  rounding the first windward mark in first, second, and third.  The success continued with both Hutcheson/Prynn and Rupp/Tarajikan winning their divisions, combining for USC 1 to win the regatta overall, USC 2 placing seventh, and Kivlovitz/Gebelien tenth in their division.


Written by Mallory Schluter